Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is the best Game

What is the best game in the world to be ever made. I just want to know as a refernce to use so when I go and buy a new game, so I can post information on it and even add tips and tricks about it

Free C++ Compilers

I have used a few c++ compilers in my life
I know there are a lot of C++ compilers availiable and the best free compiler I've used is code:blocks. I know there is a quite a few compilers that could be better than code:blocks. But I would be unaware of it since I'm happy with code:blocks. Although Code:BLocks has a friendly user interface it is a little bit more complicated to get everything running. A good compiler for a programmer who has good C++ knowledge.
You can get code:blocks from this website
Dev C++ is also a very good compiler and I have had very good results with this compiler and is why I recomend it for begginers to C++. It has a very easy and friendly user interface and is easy for anyone.
You can get Dev C++ from there website which is located at